Innovating the next generation of immunological therapeutics

TLA Target Market

The global anti-inflammatory therapeutics market was estimated at USD 57.8 billion (2013) and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% between 2010 and 2017 to a total value of $85.9 billion.

Since many IMIDs are difficult to treat without debilitating and severe side effects – or cannot be treated at all – there remains a large medical need and market opportunity. 

In order to study the market case and feasibility of using TLA for the treatment of various IMIDs, an independent market report is compiled by Bridgehead International.  

This has been achieved by assessing the market in terms of:

(i) Market size and rate of growth  

(ii) Unmet need now and in the future (i.e. expected competition and changes to the market) 

(iii) Price level of current therapies and implications for the TLA™ 

(iv) Ease of accessing the market (e.g. competitive landscape, fit with patient pathways, market access environment)    

These factors are analyzed and scored, then combined to form aggregate scores to underpin the prioritization recommendation. It is concluded that TLA is highly competitive and suitable for development in a wide variety of IMIDs.