Innovating the next generation of immunological therapeutics

Clinical Results

TLA in vivo proof of concept was reached in a Phase I/II clinical trial on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Stockholm. Clinical work is ongoing for in vivo testing of TLA in other IMIDs. 

Proof of Concept 

While TLA™ is applicable to various IMID indications, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) was selected for the TLA proof-of-concept clinical trial due to possibility of monitoring treatment progress through endoscopy, demonstrating responses through clinical Mayo Scores for IBD, and the large unmet medical need in IBD due to lack of efficacy and severe side effects of existing treatments. 

In the Phase I/II clinical trial on IBD all primary and secondary clinical endpoints were successfully met; there was a ≥50% reduction in pro-inflammatory cells (significance between active and placebo); 64% of the patients responded to the treatment with 42.9% full responders (disease in remission); there was a correlation between removal of inflammatory cells and improvement in clinical Mayo Scores; and complete absence of any side effects of clinical significance.     


Ongoing Clinical Work 

Clinical work for evaluation of TLA is ongoing in selected IMIDs: paediatric IBD, acute respiratory distress syndrome, PSC, alcoholic hepatitis, RA, MS and ALS. This work is partly funded through competitive grants