Innovating the next generation of immunological therapeutics

Tailored Leukapheresis Treatment

TLA is the first medical technology with proven clinical efficacy in selectively targeting and removing disease-causing cells, creating a new and personalized way to treat Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases without blocking systemic inflammatory pathways or causing a general immunosuppression. 

Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMIDs)

IMIDs include approximately 80 diseases, which are all caused and maintained by an exaggerated inflammatory response triggered by an imbalance of the immune system. IMIDs affect approximately 10% of the global population with a variety of high prevalence, rare, and untreatable diseases that have a combined socioeconomic impact comparable to that of infectious diseases or cancer. 

Tailored Leukapheresis Immunotherapy 

Research at Karolinska Institutet has shown that IMIDs are caused by increase in specific inflammatory cells, which migrate to the site of inflammation by chemotaxis (attraction of chemokines), and induce disease-causing inflammation through release of cytokines (inflammatory mediators) in tissues.

The TLA™ builds on this new understanding of immunological mechanism in order to treat IMIDs in a safe and effective way.  The TLA apheresis immunotherapy selectively eliminates disease-causing inflammatory cells en route to the site of inflammation, using the attraction between chemokine receptors in cells and a chemokine suspended in the TLA medical device: 


TLA Cell binding

Figure: Tailored Leukapheresis Treatment

The TLA™ is the first, and hitherto, only medical device with a proven clinical efficacy in targeting and removing defined cells. TLA™ can be adapted for treatment of various different IMIDs through selection of the appropriate chemokine for placement in the medical device in order to deplete the specific disease-causing cell population.