Innovating the next generation of immunological therapeutics

Immune Therapy Holdings

ITH is a biotech holding company built to accelerate flexible, synergistic, and independent development of multiple immunological innovations in parallel. 

Each R&D project is run in an individual subsidiary company that is fully specialised to leverage that unique medical innovation; allowing for independent research, partnering, and commercialisation. After reaching an in vivo proof-of-concept, ITH works with commercial partners on late-stage clinical trials and market-entry. 

Following is an overview of ITH's subsidiary companies:

ITH TLA Targeted ImmunoTherapies AB

Is developing the Tailored Leukapheresis (TLA) immunotherapy for immune mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs), which has demonstrated proof-of-concept in a Phase I/II clinical trial on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The company is in the process of starting clinical trials within additional prioritised IMIDS: paediatric IBD, acute respiratory distress syndrome, PSC, alcoholic hepatitis, RA, MS and ALS - which are all partially supported with grants from the Swedish and EU governments. 

TLA is presently ITH's main strategic focus area. 

ITH ImmunoDiagnostics AB

Is developing immunological biomarkers to be used for diagnosis, classification and monitoring of inflammatory diseases to enable personalized medicine.

ITH Personalized Cellular Therapies AB

Is developing a novel regulatory T-cell treatment for solid cancer which is currently in the preclinical stage. The company has a licensing and R&D collaboration with Kalbe Farma to conduct clinical trials and introduce the therapy in Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. 

ITH Immune System Regulation AB

Is developing a novel treatment for HIV that recently finalised its Phase I/II Clinical Trial in Pretoria, South Africa.